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The Psychology of Communication in Children and Adolescents


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Children and adolescents generally base their perception of the world and themselves on day to day experiences. With that said, one of the most essential experiences grown-ups can provide to children and adolescents is proper communication whereby the two both talk with and listen to each other. It is through daily interactions with children and adolescents that adults can cultivate relationships that assist youngsters to learn about the world and themselves. Adults that care for kids have a responsibility to produce and maintain healthy and positive relationships with them. A practical and mutually rewarding approach to attain this objective is the use of through positive communication. Effective communication with children and adolescents requires adults to adopt communication behaviors and styles suitable to the age of the youngster. Understanding how kids of different ages communicate and what they enjoy talking about is crucial for rewarding interaction with them. Adults should communicate in a manner that recounts to the interests and age of the child. It is with this in mind that this paper discusses the psychology of communication in children and adolescents.


Keywords: communication, children, adolescents, communication psychology